Create a SUCCESSFUL SALES FUNNEL With Elementor and GetResponse

3 min readMay 6, 2022

If you’d like to integrate Elementor forms with GetResponse, you can install the Advanced Form Integration plugin.

After installation, you can create a sales funnel with Elementor forms.

You can also create a tag list or contact list using GetResponse.

In this article, we’ll walk you through these steps.

You’ll also learn how to use Advanced Form Integration to create a contact list.

Create a Sales Funnel

Advanced Form Integration plugin allows you to integrate Elementor forms with GetResponse

With the Advanced Form Integration plugin, you can integrate Elementor forms with GetResponse and automatically send the data to your account.

It will also create a new contact in GetResponse.

Before integrating your forms, make sure you have an Elementor Pro license.

Then, download the plugin from the user dashboard.

After installing the plugin, make sure to read the plugin’s documentation and save your API Token.

The Advanced Form Integration plugin for Elementor offers a simple way to integrate Elementor forms with GetReponse.

The integration process is quick and easy, and there are many advanced features that will make your forms stand out from the crowd.

The contact form comes with many pre-filled fields, which you can choose to hide or display depending on your needs.

You can also send the form’s message to multiple email addresses if you want.

All email addresses should be separated with commas, and the subject will display in your email client.

Advanced Form Integration plugin allows you to create a Sales Funnel

If you use Outfunnel to manage your email marketing, you can now integrate Elementor forms with Salesforce.

This integration allows you to record form submission data in Salesforce and save it as a contact record.

The plugin will allow you to set up custom fields and apply tags based on the content of the form.

This way, you can automate your email marketing and create a sales funnel in minutes.

A sales funnel can be created with Elementor forms and GetResponse.

GetResponse forms can be integrated with other WordPress plugins, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.

You can use the advanced forms to integrate with GetResponse.

The plugin also has drag-and-drop editors for customizing your forms.

Creating a contact list with GetResponse

Creating a contact list with GetReponse and Elementor is easy.

First, install and activate the Elementor plugin.

Select the advanced form integration plugin from the user dashboard.

You will then be able to add a new field for the contact information.

Once you have this plugin installed, you can add your form and integrate it with GetResponse.

Follow the plugin’s instructions and save your API Token.

In the Outfunnel plugin, you can sync the Elementor form submission data with Salesforce.

Outfunnel enables you to create new contacts in Salesforce from Elementor forms.

It also records form submission data.

Make sure to change the name of the integration title to ensure that you have the correct version.

Adding new fields to the integration is as simple as defining them.

Creating a tag list with GetResponse

If you want to create a tag list with GetResponse and Elementor, you first need to create a new form.

You can then map the Custom ID of the form fields in GetResponse to the custom ID of your Elementor forms.

Then, you will need to save the changes.

You may also encounter an invalid email error when attempting to map the Custom ID of a form field to GetResponse.

To resolve this issue, change the first name Custom ID to first_name, last_name, and email address to their respective GetResponse accounts.

Once you have a list of tags, you can use them in your email marketing campaigns.

Tags are strings of up to 64 characters and are used to create targeted campaigns based on individual customer behaviors.

By assigning tags to contacts, marketing automation workflows can automatically add or remove them based on their behavior and actions.

These features will give you better insights into your customers and allow you to tailor your emails based on their interests.


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